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Looking after your 4×4 …

Loving your 4×4 is not just soapsuds, lather and air fresheners. Lets face it we have these motors because of their versatility and would be lost without them. So how do we make sure our trucks are in tip top condition.


Grease it, if you are an off roader, prop shafts, ball joints etc. Some things are obvious demons to protect against like salty winter roads and if you live near the coast the salt in the air corrodes our metal toys. A sealant like Waxoyl or Dinitrol has been proven over the years to be an effective protector for the underside of vehicles, sprayed on it seals for approximately 3 years. Good old fashioned t-cut and wax will help protect the tin on top and the paintwork.


Washing your motor regularly especially when you’ve been out playing in the mud helps identify any damage that might have occurred, getting that sand/crud off from between your joints and cracks also stops unnecessary damp areas, wear and tear.


Check your fluids regularly … yeah yeah, sucking eggs but you’d be surprised how many people rely on the dashboard lights. With a 4×4 there are the extra checks to consider, such as gear box and transfer box fluids, hub oil levels, diffs etc.


Overloading your truck is never a good thing. Do you carry stuff around with you just in case? That roof tent, excessively packed toolbox, when was the last time you emptied your motor? Yes we know as soon as you take stuff out you need it but will you really need that high lift jack/winch on your trip to the shops. The weight soon accumulates putting unnecessary strain on your running gear whilst decreasing the fuel economy.

 Use it

A lift kit is great if your regular commute takes you across challenging terrain, it’s great for visibility on the roads and nosing over hedges but unless you are an adventurer how much lift do you need? As much as you can get, err no, because for every inch you go up history dictates so does the running cost of the vehicle by approximately £500, with the excess wear on your steering arms, ball and CV joints.
Service regularly and thoroughly. It cost money and time if you’re a self-service type but noticing a frayed fan belt, worn/split rubbers or dry joints will help prevent untimely breakdowns and the extra costs.
Not using your 4×4 is not doing them any favours. Things seize without regular use. A bit like us beings when where sat around too much. Get out there and enjoy your motor, drop it into low range and use it for what it was made.


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