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Les Comes … 4×4 festival … northern Spain

les-comes-4x4The Les Comes 4×4 Festival 2015 was attended by over 8000 visitors for it’s 4th year running. Nestled in the stunning Monsaratt mountain range this 18th century country estate is owned by Land Rover for the provision of the Land Rover experience days in Spain. The event caters well for the whole family on the two day festival and is open to all 4×4 marques and off road vehicles with more then 35 miles/60 kilometres of trails and routes to play on.
All trails are marked, colour coded and split into five different levels;
les comes-4x4-festival
The School route – is set as a ‘first experience’ for beginners
The Green route – for beginners ‘who want a simple and scenic experience’.
The Red route – described as broken trails requiring low range gears in places
The Black route – with broken and steep trails, low gears are a necessity. Not to be ventured alone.
The Brown routes – designed for experienced drivers with well-equipped cars, winches, Hi-lift’s sand ladders etc. for the more testing terrain.4x4-festival-show
The trails open at 8am and close at 6pm and when and where you venture is totally down to you. The range of vehicles attending was astounding to see, even the odd crossover bumbling past. Closer to the house there is a casual festival feel as the DJ mixes his music that’s piped all around the area, the Bar serves drinks and food all in exchange for ROCs the currency of Les Comes, where you trade in your €uro’s at a 1 for 1 exchange rate.4x4-show
An exhibition area displays goodies and the children play on the bouncy castle, climb and abseil the historic building or land from the zip rope stretched across the valley above the dusty 4×4’s venturing to and from their trails.
Noise from engines draws you down to where the adults in their cars are found trying the variety of the 4×4 assault course laid out for the spectators to see and cheer on. Entertainment is an all round winner with 4×4’s diving down banks into 4x4-spain-showwater courses, climbing steep rock hills, a see-saw and diverse terrains all for the keen off-roader to pitch themselves and their machine against. Twice a day this area is roped into a circuit to allow a friendly competition against the clock. Audiences are treated to a spectacular display of mud flying, engine revving fun witnessing cars of various builds being winched or rocked free from their demise, and in true Spanish spirit it’s crowd participation throughout with cheers of delight. Evening entertainment was provided by a bands not only in the main area for those wishing to watch but audible for all those around their campfires enjoying the evening camping amongst friends.
Bus stops are provided for visitors to climb aboard open-top classic Pinzgauers and ex military trucks to be transported around the site including the Dakar Truck display area taking place on a circuit to display the wonder of these trucks and their lesc5drivers at close quarters.
Never far away are happy & helpful high-vis jacket wearing staff loitering with the intention to help, point you on your way and if they don’t know they just radio through for an answer. The camping area, toilets, showers and site were spotless, well looked after and well organised through out the weekend, the event was likened to an old fashioned Glastonbury, but for the 4×4 community, where the focus was on fun, fun, fun.
We cannot recommend this event enough to any 4×4 owners and their families, it is a must for your bucket list.

Clips of our footage will be broadcast later.

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