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Lego Land Cruiser … voting is now open



Are you a gear-head born in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, if so there is a good chance you were a Lego design technician in you own home. Well, time rolls on and so has the spec of todays Lego kits.
If you are a previous Lego geek and an avid 4×4 Toyota fan, then this is for you.
A designer form Australia has put forward a design for approval and manufacture by Lego of the famous 40 series Land Cruiser all you have to do is follow this link  to vote for the model, if enough votes are received it will go into production to take prime position on your mantle piece.


The design of the truck is fantastic with UV’s, transfer box, pop the bonnet and you will find a functioning serpentine belt and fan. An Optima yellow top battery was chosen to power the massive flood lights on the bull bar.


Surprisingly the interior looks very comfortable, if you’re a two inch plastic Lego character. Fully functioning doors and removable hardtop has been added to assist in the loading and unloading of gear that you would need on your safari.



lego-toyotaThere are also three other versions of the Toyota 40 Series up for votes, this reflecting the whole original range, The Troopy, Utility, Soft & Hard Tops.
Check them all out and the other 4×4 models now available at the Lego website


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