Latest Defender resale prices soar …

The last of the current model of Land Rover Defender are selling for thousands of pounds more used than they did new, according to latest data from valuation specialists CAP Automotive.
One report that we picked up on was of a Defender 90, leather trim, 6 months old, 7,000 on the clock selling at £10,000 more than it’s showroom price. Another was a 110 fetching £2,000 more than the dealer price 8 months earlier.
Demand for the Defender shot up when Land Rover announced that 2015 would be the last year of production after nearly 70 years of the iconic vehicle.LR-Defender-Autobiography-LE
The Defender will continue to be built until December in Solihull (or to early 2016 as we previously reported), but motorists can no longer snap them up brand new as they are completely sold out, and order books are now closed according to JLR dealers.
The Defender, a favourite of the Queen and other royals, is to be built outside of Britain for the first time after Jaguar Land Rover confirmed a deal last month to make its iconic 4×4 in a new factory in Slovakia.
The company announced it is building a £1billion plant in the eastern European country that will produce 300,000 vehicles a year.
So if you are looking for one of the last new Defenders, your only chance is from a specialist dealer or modifier outlets … good luck.


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