Land Rover want your Defender/Land Rover adventure story


After 68 years in the making, as we now all know, the most recognised vehicle in the world has finally been consigned to the history books of automotive production.
defender snow


To continue the celebration of the Series/Defenders, Land Rover are asking you, the customer for your journey stories with your Land Rover. With an interactive world map to show the locations of the listed journeys, Land Rover are using this clever idea to promote their brand name through the input of the customer and their personal experiences with their beloved Land Rover.


You can simply add your story and images through the website link, submit and wait for approval. Once approved your Land Rover journey story will be added to the interactive world map within a location pin denoting numbers of stories from that country location.



The list is already growing with stories from New Zealand to the UK and everywhere in between. Your story may also become “featured”, listed at the top of the page with your image for all the green oval world to see.



Check out the Journeys here;  My Land Rover Journey



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