Land Rover … no more concepts


While the auto industry continues to grow and expand with new and original products, a number of automakers still refuse to play by the rules.

China springs to mind whenever idea theft is mentioned relating to the automotive market. Rather than coming up with originallandwind-x7 designs, some automakers shamelessly copy designs from other manufacturers, simply adding their badge to the vehicle as if it were an original product.

Land Rover has admitted they are now “wary” of releasing concept designs and has grown tired of dealing with fraudulent companies who simply clone a product. JLR has decided that it has essentially stopped showing concept vehicles in order to stave off these clones.

One of the most notable and brazen examples of these Chinese copycats is the Land Wind X7. While that SUV is obviously a clone of the Range Rover Evoque, complaints by Jaguar Land Rover were dismissed, and the X7 made production and sold for about a third of the price of the Evoque.

landwind-x7-launchFurther efforts by JLR have done nothing to halt or change the car’s production pattern. It seems Chinese authorities are more interested in protecting the home markets than upholding international copyright laws.  JLR has since filed new copyright and unfair competition complaints in China against LandWind X7 builder Jiangling Motors, with the Chaoyang Court serving Jianling with actions, although being only a token gesture.

Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern said the automaker was “wary of showing new concepts” because they just give these competitors time to work up a copy. Land Rover’s latest model, the Velar, debuted in Geneva in production form. Skipping concepts may not stop competitors from making copies, but it does give Land Rover a huge head start when it comes to production for a new product.

So with that in mid, it’s not looking good that we will be getting any teasers or official concepts variants of the new Defender, we will be expecting to see it just prior to the production run.


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