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Land Rover Celebrates 60th year of Relationship with the Red Cross

 It has been 60 years since Land Rover first began an association with the British Red Cross, and subsequently the IFRC 9 (International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent) and still going strong.Land Rover partnership
In 1954 the partnership was formed in Dubai when Land Rover supplied a Series 1 as a mobile dispensary.
Land Rover’s legendary all-terrain capabilities are able to help the Red Cross and Red Crescent to access the remote and needing communities which would otherwise be virtually impossible to reach by cross country routes.
The relationship has included the donation of 120 vehicles, loans, fund raising events, sponsored events and raising awareness of water and sanitation issues around the world.
To list but a few of the projects, include production and distribution of information material, fresh water boreholes, training programmes for staff , volunteers and communities. To date it is estimated that over 900,000 people have received direct help thanks to the cross and land rover
One of the key projects of the partnership was the “Journey of Discovery” expedition in 2012. Land Rover made the a Uganda Red Cross sustainable water and sanitation project in Uganda the focus of an ambitious fund-raising activity to complete a 8,000-mile expedition to Beijing. This journey was completed by the one millionth Land Rover Discovery, which was built at Solihull, the home of Land Rover. The 50-day journey succeeded in its target of generating £1 million for the project and raising awareness of the vital work being done by the IFRC in the areas of water and sanitation.
Mark Cameron, Jaguar Land Rover Global Brand Experience Director, said:  “We at Land Rover are proud of our long association with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.  Earlier this year we committed to continue our support of the excellent work it does to bring help and relief to people in need by extending our partnership for a further five years.”

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