koh 2016
Driver's view

King of the Hammers 2016 by O.R.A.

Rob Butler & Paul Lundstrom Team Off Road Armoury UK



So qualifying didn’t quite go so smoothly…ORA-ROB-BUTLER
We have a little electrical gremlin that has appeared making the car randomly go in to limp mode having to reset the main power switches… We thought we had it sussed, but it popped up again at the worst possible time as the green flag dropped… We lost 20 seconds on our run resting the fault, so we knew we had to push hard and had no choice but to make the big drop at the finish line… I’d guess we’re going to place about mid pack, but that’s ok….
I love chasing dust!

By Rob Butler

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Ready to hit 173 miles of desert tomorrow (Friday 5th). Race starts at 4pm UK time so check out the live feed to see some pretty extreme off-road action.




6th Feb 2016
Rob Butler & Paul Lundstrom are the first Europeans to complete the worlds toughest off road race. The ORA team came in 29th position. The King of the Hammers is a race that just finishing is an achievement for man and machine. Well done guys for waving the UK flag, hold your heads high.


ora-uk ORA-UK off-road-armoury

Such a crazy day, Paul and I have never tackled such a brutal race… Absolute respect to every team that competed.
We’ll be back to civilisation soon and I’ll put together a write up of how our race went ? we’re just so stoked to be the first European team to finish King Of The Hammers in our own European built car, that was our goal the whole time just to prove we had what it takes.
Again I just want to thank the Shirley’s, all the LDR team and our friends that help and gave us this once in a lifetime opportunity, it was only a few years ago I’d sit watching KOH DVD’s in awe of these guys and would never of imagined that we’d be right there in the thick of it… Thank you so much everyone, family, friends and sponsors alike.

Rob Butler ORA


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