JLR engines disappear … overnight

Last week was not a good one for Jaguar Land Rover, or Tuesday to be precise.
The Birmingham Mail reported that engines with the value of just under £3 million were stolen from the company’s plant at Solihull, in the midlands. Reportedly, the thieves drove up to the facility in a stolen tractor unit, hitched up to a trailer full of engines, and drove off. Using the same unit, he thieves pulled off the stunt twice in one night and took the first trailer in less than six minutes!.
Surprisingly this is the second time a theft of this type has happened at the facility, reported the Birmingham Mail.
The previous incident happened in almost exactly the same way, but the engines taken were valued at just under £1 million, with five people being convicted of the theft.JLR-Ingenium-engine
Currently, local police are looking for the latest suspects and the engines. The trailers were found, empty.
JLR’s official statement is; “We can confirm that we are working closely with West Midlands Police to investigate the theft of engines from the Solihull manufacturing plant. A reward is on offer to anyone who has information that leads to the successful recovery of the engines. It would be inappropriate for us to make any further comment whilst this investigation is ongoing.”
This has been the only statement provided by the automaker, with no mention as to what engines were stolen and if there would be any impact on manufacturing or vehicle deliveries in the near future.


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