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Jaguar Land Rover Develops The Self-Learning Intelligent Car Of The Future – July 2014

A new on board ‘Smart Assistant’ is being developed with the aim of reducing driver distractions. The software is being designed to recognise a driver by their smart phone then learn the driver’s habit and routines to assist with a variety of tasks.

By collaborating with our smart phones the intelligent onboard system can

Personalise your vehicle – climate, seat, steering wheel, mirrors and the information and entertainment settings named ‘infotainment’.

Destination Prediction – Learns historic navigation to automate your destination.

Fuel Assist –remembers your fuel stations, collaborating with your personal smart device to advise of sufficient fuel for planned journey.

Predictive Phone Call- activates habitual calls.

Passenger Awareness- pre-sets to preferred settings, entertainment and climate of those on board.

Intelligent Notifications- assists with traffic information, alerts people that you’ll be late and can provide updates for flights etc.

Auto Adaptive Cruise Control (AACC)- a function that learns and mimics an individuals driving style.

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