Jeep’s plan to create Range Rover rival

Land Rover and Jeep have co-existed for many years, both with similar skills and products but not as outright competitors more as a sibling’s rivalry.
But that is about to change as Jeep plan to attack the throne from which the Range Rover commands the class for super luxury SUVs. Yes Jeep do have the likes of the Grand Cherokee, but it does stand in the shadow of the Range Rover when it comes to style, luxury and prestige. To put it simply what would you expect a Royal to step out of, or for that matter a Government leader or a Hollywood mega star, yes, it would be the Rover every time.
Enter the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Jeep have revived the name from their archives for what they hope is a giant slayer, the Jeep marques new weapon against the Range Rovers free reign over the super luxury market, with promises to go beyond the current standard set for this sector of the SUV market.
It is a widely known secret that Jeep have been working on this project for some time and it is expected to see the light of day in 2018.
Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA, has said, “When I see a Range Rover on the street, my blood boils, because we should be able to do a thing like that and we will.”  The executive also said the company is “working on it now” and noted the model wasn’t included in the company’s five-year plan because the automaker didn’t want to show their cards too soon.
No further details are known as yet about platform, engines or trim options but we will keep you informed.
Original Jeep Wagoneer
Original Jeep Wagoneer

Image credits; newestcars

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