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Jeep’s growth in Europe for 2015 – tops the competition


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The Renegade
Jeep has always trailed behind local European brands when it comes to sales for off road vehicles in the EU. But now it is a local brand being owned by Fiat, and the Italians want more growth in their home continent, latest statistics show they appear to be achieving their aims.
In 2015, Europeans registered 88,200 Jeep vehicles, an increase of 113 percent compared to the previous year, translating into a 132,2 % increase. That was enough to confirm Jeep holds the title for the fastest growing brand on the European market last year.



To get an idea of the scale of this improvement, it’s enough to look at what happened in the UK, where last year alone Jeep sold more vehicles than the previous four years (2011 – 2014) combined. France too registered record sales, ending the year with a 208.5 percent increase over 2014, with the trend continuing in all the other large countries.
As expected, the main driving force behind this rejuvenation was the excellent Renegade. The compact SUV accounted for 49.8 percent of total Jeep sales in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), with 54,800 units finding new owners during 2015. The improved Grand Cherokee came in second with 28,159 units sold, which translates into almost 24 percent of total sales.



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