Jeep Wrangler … heading back to war


According to reports the US military are discussing possibilities for the iconic Jeep Wrangler to be used again in the theatre of war.


The Wranglers would serve as inexpensive, lightweight, unarmored unit that could be more easily airlifted into remote locations than costlier, heavier, and bulkier vehicles.
The Wrangler based vehicle could be ideal as reconnaissance, radar units, forward communications and mine sweeping  units.
Talks are not being held with the Jeep manufacturer, but with Hendrick Dynamics who have built 14 prototypes todate, christened the Commando. The vehicles are based on the four door version of the Wrangler but a pick up utility has been developed too.


With world wide parts freely available in the civilian market, this would be a great advantage for use of the truck in all parts of the world enabling minimum down time for repairs and servicing.


The Commando will be powered by a 2.8ltr diesel multifuel engine to run on any type of diesel fuel or even JP-8 jet fuel to maximize its deployment versatility and comply with the Army’s Single Fuel policy implemented in 2012.



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