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Jaguar Land Rover … excel with ex-service personnel


Sometimes something comes along that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, a real feel good factor and Jaguar Land Rover have done just that announcing that they intend to extend their employment of ex armed forces personnel to 1,000 by 2020. Recognising that ex military personnel are team players, hard working, time conscience, disciplined and calm under intense pressure makes them an asset to any company, JLR are also highlighting these virtues to other companies encouraging them to follow suit.


Jaguar Land Rover has a long history with the British Military after all most young recruits have learnt to drive in a Defender, the staple choice of vehicle for the British Armed Forces. More recently they have been the official partners of the Invictus Games the new international sporting event for defender-wolfwounded, injured and sick Service personnel. Invictus is using the power of sport and competition to enthuse recovery whilst creating a greater understanding for those who have served their country. JLR also provided staff as volunteers and vehicles to the event.


JLR state ‘We have since pledged to explore opportunities with the Royal Foundation and the Ministry of Defence to create innovative ways to enhance the valuable role of veterans as skilled employees. This is part of creating a lasting legacy for the games and reflects our commitment to helping ex-armed forces personnel reintegrate into successful civilian careers. We work closely with the Career Transition Partnership to enable people who are leaving the forces successfully reintegrate into the world of work.’


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