Iveco LMV2

Iveco’s revamped Tough Truck

Iveco have debuted their new LMV2 a protected 4×4 an improved, higher performance of its Light Multirole Vehicle a light tactical vehicle currently used in Belgium, Italy, Russia, Spain and the UK. The new truck has a ballistic steel monocoque skeleton, with an aluminium upper frame and roll bars to reduce weight. There are few similarities to its predecessor apart from its exterior dimensions. Iveco claims the LMV2 has better performance, reliability and passenger comfort.

iveco lmv2

Engine is a 220 hp diesel aided by an air flow system to enhance performance plus an upgraded drivetrain. A new automatic eight-speed gearbox makes for smoother control and simplifies the locking differentials now possible to do whilst in motion. Also featured is an Automatic Drive Management system (ADM) to give optimised performance off-road plus an Electronic Stability system (ESP) to prevent the truck from rolling over. Maintenance is made easier with a digital dashboard with an on demand data method and the replaceable parts have been mounted with easy access in mind keeping service teams happy.


ivecoPayload has been increased by 40% from 800 up to 1.5 tonnes depending on the vehicles configuration and armour, now making it eligible to carry the electronic Battle Management Systems (BMS) equipment whilst the wiring has been carefully designed to minimise any electromagnetic interference (EMC). The protected cabin has been better designed to give extra room to fit five fully equipped soldiers with body armour and more importantly sat within a cocoon of IED protection.




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