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Isuzu Arctic Truck … the AT35

We all know and love those Icelandic Tundra Trucks with their huge flared arches and balloon tyres that fill them.isuzu-d-max-AT-35
Well here’s something for you … you can buy one direct through Isuzu.


The auto manufacturer has struck up a deal with the famous truck modifiers Arctic Trucks enabling customers to purchase a D-Max variant through Isuzu dealers. Arctic Trucks has been engineering 4×4 ‘super trucks’ for over 25 years, but this is the first time you’ll be able to buy one of their vehicles direct from a mainstream manufacturer’s UK dealer network. Although not a full blown Tundra Truck it is pretty impressive, but lets face it, there aren’t too many glaciers or melt plains to cross here in the UK or Europe.


Based on the current D-Max truck the AT 35 has wheels of 35-inch diameter on 17 x 10 inch wheels, extended arches to accommodate the rubber are also added, a height of 29 inches due to the lifted suspension and a few other tasteful accessories such as side steps, roll bar and load bed protector, skid plates, an LED work light and an ARB tyre inflator.
 The D-Max Artic Trucks AT35 uses the standard Isuzu 2.5-litre twin-turbo diesel engine making 161bhp and 400Nm, and retains the one tonne payload and 3.5 tonne towing capacity of its brothers.
In the UK the AT 35 extended cab is available from £31,000 with the double cab starting at £33,500 with a full European manufacturers five year warranty.




isuzu-d-max-arctic-trucks_hd_88838 isuzu-d-max-arctic-trucks_hd_88840 isuzu-d-max-arctic-trucks_hd_88841

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