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Internal Beadlocks … the low down

To give your vehicle more grip and hence traction on difficult terrain such as wet rocks, sand and the proverbial brown stuff an age old trick has been to air down your tyres, giving a much greater surface area of tyre to contact the ground.


However, every positive move is equaled by a negative, – that being the chance of loosing the tyre from the rim due to the low pressure. Another problem is spinning the tires on the rims. That results from too much traction and torque, and not enough friction between tire and rim due to low tire pressure. This is where beadlocks enter the equation.



We previously featured standard or external beadlocks, but now we are going to take a look at internal beadlocks, a more cost effective option that can be fitted to your standard wheels.
An internal beadlock is very much like an inner tube within the tyre that pushes the bead of the tyre tight against the wheel rim. The internal beadlock is inflated via its own valve stem on the wheel. The side of the beadlock facing closest to the tyre tread, or the “case”, has a layer of thick fabric, generally polyester that keeps the beadlock from inflating too far up into the tyre, hence forcing the sides out and into the tyre wall, which in turn compresses the bead of the tyre against the wheel inner rim seat.



Internal beadlocks are basically a tyre within a tyre and just like you’re main tyre they come in varying sizes to match your rim. As the beadlock completely wraps over and around the wheel rim inside the tyre it presents no problems with wheel balancing; and since it is inside the tire… it is unaffected by weather or damage by rocky terrain, unlike external lock rings. There are several manufacturers in Europe and the US, all provide quality products that are well suited for the job.




Internal v External
Five positive facts for the Internal option;
i,   The internal beadlock is a lighter option.
ii, Simple to fit, no rings to mount or spanner work.
iii, Can be fitted to standard wheels.
iv, Very cost effective compared to the alternative.
v,   Not affected by weather or terrain damage.



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