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Inter-Continental Rally 2016 … Race Reports

The InterContinental Rally is now in full swing. The old Dakar route is challenged every year by competitors from all over the world and we are following the action with thanks to our friends from the Outback Adventure Company, a support team from Denmark. Here is an update & a few shots from stage 1.
After the start in Andalucia, Spain then the crossing to Africa,
the first day of full on racing is done and it was a good one!
The stage presented few navigational challenges and few teams ended up with heavy penalties for missing control points. The spectacular crash of the day award goes to Manuel Maza and Luis Garcia (236) who rolled their Mitsubishi Montero 3 times finally resting wheels up. The crew escaped uninjured but decided to abandon the race and headed back for Spain.
The stage win goes to Aventura Tuareg’s Francisco Honrado (213) with the time of 4:27:43.
The fastest car of the day was Wings Nissan piloted by Semenov/Režný. Dakar legend Josef Macháček took the lead in the quad class while Jose Sanchez Tapia recorder the fastest UTV time.
A special shout-out goes to the sole female rider Sara Garcia for finishing strong 16th overall. As of 11PM all participants are enjoying the comforts of the bivouac in Merzouga with the exception of Team SchuSchu who are still making their way to the finish of the stage.
After few hours of rest and necessary repairs the rally continues with stage 3 to Zagora. The stage in not particularly long but requires solid navigation and off-road skills.

Images of Stage 1

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Stage 3 completed
Lots of vehicle damages, all the teams make good use of the last large town for parts and local assistance at Zagoura.
Outback Adventure Company riders are running well with;
Andrew at position 13 , 26 min after the lead position
Ben sitting at 18th, 37 min after No 1

inter-continental-rally-2016 BENST3 IMG_5178 IMG_5185 IMG_5187 IMG_5200















Stage 6
The Lite Race is over as the teams hit Dakhla. German team had to retire due to continuing technical problems from Morocco, they vowed to return next year bigger and better with a new vehicle.
Team Wogos Service vehicle got into trouble for speeding with the local police.
Our friends from Outback Adventure Company continue the battle to Dakar.
Today the Rally crosses into Mauritania where the battle of the sands begin.

icr 12 icrb riders



Stage 7
was a straightforward liaison following the coastal highway to the Morocco’s southern border and into Mauritania. The old timers amongst up appreciated the speedy clearance on both sides of the frontier while the newcomers were in awe of the inhospitable strip of no-man’s land separating the two countries. Tonight’s bivouac is in the relative comforts of Bou Lanouar and the spectacular stage 8 to Atar will start tomorrow at dawn. The stage follows the iron ore railroad into the heart of the Sahara where extreme conditions will once more test the limits of endurance.
The data connection in Mauritania can be rather spotty and there might be some delays in our ability to post photos and videos over the next few days. But no worries, we will catch you up as conditions allow.


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STAGE 10   4/2/2016
Stage 10 turned out to be a rather lengthy outing comprised of 3 distinct parts: first the last part of yesterday’s stage but backwards, followed by some fast and hard piste inviting to openning the throttle wide open and finally an unpredictable band of some of the tallest, softest, most enjoyable dunes of the entire event. Big rooster tails, fierce digging session and high speed jumps over the dune crest were some of the many highlights of the day.
The stage results confirmed the standings so far. First the three Aventura Tuareg riders (Valero, Anguiano, Campdera) followed by the Aussie Ben Cumming. A little further back was the Wings Patrol and the Almeria UTV piloted by Corchero/Sanchez. Not much has changed in the overall standings where the battle to watch is the 3rd contest with the Wings team in the 6 place less than 20 minutes behind Ben Cummings in the 3rd and Juan Campdera sandwiched in 4th. Antonio Valero has a commanding overall lead and should arrive as a winner at Lac Rose. However there is still plenty of racing to be had and this event can be highly unpredictable. So stay tuned and let’s see what happens during the last Mauritanian stage tomorrow. It should be more high speed fun en route to the capital Nouakchott.

ICR-2016 12647004_1258380920842632_5706600400582716148_n



















The Outback Crew celebrated the completion of the 2016 Intercontinental Rally on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in style, with a beer and a dip in the water.
On Feb 8th, the final day traditionally celebrates the completion of the rally with a short ceremonial loop around Lac Rose and the Atlantic beaches. The boisterous celebration aptly captures the jubilant feeling sweeping over everyone regardless of their ranking. After a short rest at the camp the entire rally family joins together for the awards ceremony, a festive dinner and retelling of stories between friends new and old.

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We look forward to 2017 …

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