Hyundai’s Tundra Truck … takes on Antarctica


We have all seen and lets face it, love, those amazing Arctic Tundra trucks those lucky folk in Iceland have.

Well Hyundai have built a Santa Fe tundra truck for a trip on the other side of the globe, to cross the Antarctic.


The trip is set up to celebrate the 100 years since Sir Ernest Shackletons trip to the Antarctic in


A few tweaks have been added to the Santa Fe,  for ground clearance, Hyundai fitted portal gearing to the ends of the axles. Huge 38 inch tyres also helped, that also can be deflated down to just 2 psi for maximum traction across the fine snow. With extreme cold and a long drive through vast wastelands, a huge 60.75-gallon fuel tank and an engine heater have been added too.


Shackleton made an attempt to conquer the Antarctic in 1916. Unfortunately, his ship became ice bound during the journey, forcing the expedition team and the crew to abandoned their challenge to cross the Antarctic. The situation soon became one of survival, of which they luckily did. So to honour the attempt, Hyundai brought along the great-grandson of Shackleton and several other descendants of the original team from the ill fated trip.




So for the centennial of Shackleton’s attempt, Hyundai invited the relatives to see the names of Shackleton’s team  engraved into the Santa Fe’s steel bodywork to symbolically take them along to finally complete their journey 100 years later.


You can view it all in the video below, if you wish to have more details on the trip visit Hyundai




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