Hyundai SantaCruz pickup crossover going into production


We reported last year on the Santa Cruz pickup concept from Hyundai, and word is, from their American CEO  Dave Zuchowski,  it is going ahead.
The statement was made at the Detroit Auto show to Australian press members, Zuchowski confirmed Hyundai will be announcing it officially in the near future, although no date has been given.


It is expected the Santa Cruz is to be only offered in one configuration a four door, SUV-based pickup with an extendable bed with a seating arrangement for five.
As far as towing capacity goes, it should be able to pull a jet ski or a couple dirt bikes, but don’t expect it to pull more than 2,500 pounds. Its capabilities are intended to be more in line with a compact crossover, after all it is not a full size pickup by any standards.


Hyundai expect the nearest competition for the Santa Cruz to be the new Honda Ridgeline, although the offering from Honda is a larger, vehicle there is thought to be plenty of room in the markets for the Santa Cruz that is aiming for the younger, outdoor activity lovers with lightweight equipment such as mountain bikes, jet ski’s and the like.


No further information is available until the official announcement from Hyundai.




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