Hyundai … Santa Cruz Truck Concept Unveiled

Hyundai surprised the Detroit Motor Show visitors last week with the unveiling of their concept crossover pick up truck, the Santa Cruz.
With a fresh view on the sports utility pick up ideology, the vehicle has good lines and appealed to manysanta-cruz-concept onlookers, although far from a serious off roader. With a limited ground clearance and lacking on the towing capacity, the vehicle was not meant to be a competitor to the big boy pick ups, but more for car drivers who want more cargo space.
Hyundai believe the vehicle will appeal to the younger adult market of urban adventurers who are looking for the comfort of a modern car but a utility vehicle that is at home in the city as well as a trip to the country for a weekend.
At first glance you may be forgiven for assuming it is a two seat cab, but look closely and notice the second clamshell door for accessing the rear seat row, boasting three seats, giving a surprising total of five that can sit in comfort.
Another clever innovation by Hyundai, is the integrated retracting tonneau cover, adding weather protection and security for all your gear at the back, and folds away when not required.
The Santa Cruz has a good fuel economy rating at 35+mpg, which is provided from a 2.0ltr turbo diesel engine delivering 190bhp and 300kb-ft of torque all put to the road through “HTRAC” Hyundai’s all wheel drive system. No further engine options have been given to date but will surely follow if production goes ahead.
The showcasing of the Santa Cruz confirms Hyundai as another manufacturer entering the field of the compact SUV battle that we reported on recently. Hyundai are referring to the class of the vehicle as a “CUV”, crossover utility vehicle.


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