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Hot Oven Baked Food … on the road or in the field

The Travel Buddy 12v Portable Oven

If you are a traveler, adventurer, small boater or truck driver, you will have undoubtedly had that sudden urge for a hot pie, sausage roll, jacket spud or casserole on one of those damp cold days when you’re out and about.

Well, your prayers have been answered with the coming of the Travel Buddy portable oven.

Made in Australia, by those out-door gurus you know it will be built to a high quality and standard, and very fir for purpose.

The oven itself is solidly constructed from stainless steel, with a modest cavity that is heated by an element at the bottom. We weren’t too adventurous with our first attempt with the oven, but we have it on good authority, that things like a small roast & veg can be achieved without a problem. The oven would also be good for heating through the previous evenings leftovers while on the run for a warming lunch.

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As the name suggests, it’s a 12V (or 24V) oven that is powered through a cigarette socket, and, yes, it works. After a few days tramping around damp moorlands, we finally descended to the smell of hot pies and sausage rolls. In about ninety minutes they were hot, and well received by the staff. When you have had a few days of sandwiches, hot food for lunch is a fantastic alternative.

Overall Dimensions

H   190mm
W 320mm
D 280mm

Internal Dimensions

H 100mm
W 265mm
D 250mm

We previewed the 12V Marine model, which offers a little more space than the standard 12V oven which weighs in at 5 kg.

 For more info   http://www.12-24voltovens.com.au/