Honda’s Ridgeline gets closer to Europe


The Honda Ridgeline Pick Up has been cruising the tarmac in America since 2005. The 2016 Detroit Motor show saw the upgraded model launched. As we peer enviously across the pond we’re told its equal to our pick ups the Navaras or L200 but better.


In a bid to earn eco merits the Honda Ridgeline is built from a multi-material mix of high-strength steel, aluminium and cast magnesium. The Ridgeline has been designed with a unitary chassis (frame and floor are one piece) to aid strength and measures in at 5335mm in length. Independent suspension sits on each corner offering a tow ability of 2268kg with a payload of 719kg.2017-Honda-Ridgeline-Black

Only available at the moment in a 25mpg, 3.5ltr petrol engine that can part shut down under a light throttle load but at full pelt can give 280bhp and 262lb torque. Naturally there are options for front- or all-wheel drive Ridgelines. The all-wheel-drive version is 100% front-wheel drive in normal driving, but Honda claims up to 70 per cent can stream backwards in more extreme circumstances.

Now this is where the Honda Ridgeline starts leaving the pack behind because happy they have the basics of a decent truck all other fittings have been added with customer comfort and choice in mind. The tailgate opens in -Honda-Ridgelinetwo ways, either hinging at the bottom to lie flat or swings open like a door. The load bed is made from a robust, grasping easy clean material. There is a good size, lockable watertight storage space on the load bed below the main deck for extra “out of sight” secure storage.

Spotting the current trend for luxury Pick ups being an excellent all round vehicle Honda have worked hard to make their Ridgeline appeal.


General feel

There’s plenty of room and cab storage. The rear seats not only completely fold up against the rear bulkhead giving a flat cargo area, they fold in a 40/60 split. There’s enough room for 3 child seats on the back row and by keeping the seat frames to a minimum they’ve allowed storage room underneath.2017-Honda-Ridgeline-interior

Top spec comes with leather-trimmed dash setting the mood with matching comfortable leather seats. Electrics galore including sat nav, driver assist, lane departure warning, collision-mitigation braking and Hill Start Assist.

They’ve worked hard at creating a luxury, roomy drive with electrically assisted steering, reversing camera, adaptive cruise control and 6 speed automatic gear box completing the driver’s wish list they are certainly encouraging you to sit back and enjoy the ride.


Hopefully Honda is perfecting the low emission diesel engine before laying the Ridgeline at our European shores.

2017-honda-ridgeline rear storage


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