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Honda Ridgeline Block Drop

The 4×4 pickup truck segment is the fastest growing and most cutthroat area of the SUV automotive market at this present time. Pick up manufacturers of late have been constantly dreaming up new ideas to demonstrate just how tough their pick up trucks are. The latest marketing strategy is to show their vehicles load bed strength at withstanding the harshest of punishments.
Recently Chevrolet demonstrated a rock drop onto their vehicles steel load bed alongside a Ford F150 that has an aluminium equivalent. The damage was significant to the Ford but the Chevrolet did not escape without visible damage from one simple test.



Enter the Honda Ridgeline. The Honda truck has taken things a little further by dropping the metal altogether following the path of composite plastics. We featured the Honda Ridgeline previously at the unveiling in Detroit, where the load bed raised eyebrows due to the sizable locking waterproof stowage compartment under the load bed floor and the innovative two way opening tailgate.
honda-pickup-4x4The plastic construction of the floor was not taken to be a good choice by many for a utility truck, with murmurs of it will split, not tough enough, longevity, etc. How wrong they were …




Check out the Honda Block Drop Test video below …
Then check out the Chevrolet and Ford demonstration …








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