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History Lesson … The Original Monster Truck

Ever seen or heard of the MM1 Teracruzer. The original 4×4 monster truck and with the flick of a switch becomes a 8×8 with diff lock. Originally built by the FWD Co. in the 1950’s the “MM1 Teracruzer” was used historically by the US Air Force to haul Mace “nuke” missiles around during the Cold War. Powered by V6-71 General Motors diesel, Allison mm1-fwdautomatic transmission and a PTO. The truck rolls on eight 44×41.00 10N tires, individually self inflating/deflating that need around 20psi in them, stories have been told of people lying down to be rolled over by the MM1 and still get up smiling!
Power steering is a must with those huge rubber boots dragging across the floor and the cab has a four-seat layout for the mm1-teracruzeroriginal missile crew.
There were several variations of the MM1, a flat bed, fifth wheeler tractor, a crane heavy lift unit and a fuel tanked firing control unit. There were varying “packs” that were developed for the trucks for other uses, such as the troop pack, allowing the trucks to carry extra seated persons in the rear.
The trucks are mostly constructed of aluminium to keep the weight down for the job of dragging the payload of a nuclear device of that era around.missile-hauler-MM1
There are very few of theses beasts left in existence today, we have heard of one gold mining in Alaska until recently, and now being restored for a missile museum.
Several were sold on from Germany after the end of the cold war to construction contractors in Holland to work around the southern side of Amsterdam where the need for trucks with a light footprints were required. The Teracruzers revelled in this as they were designed for hauling heavy loads over the damp boggy grounds of Eastern Europe.
If you fancy one of these original goliaths parked on your drive, your luck is in, there is one for sale in Long Beach WA, USA for a sizable $22,250 (£14,450) running but in need of TLC.
For more images and information, Google “MM1 Teracruzer”

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