In the Spotlight

Here there be Dragons …

Thanks to the Red Dragon Monster Truck Company, you can take a ride in a huge five ton, eleven foot high, Ford based Monster Truck. This is the only monster truck in Europe where you can experience the ride in all its full glory.


This machine needs it’s own staircase for you to climb aboard red-dragoninto the seats. Ten passengers at a time are securely harnessed down, cocooned in the dragon’s cage as the 6.5ltr Chevy V8 engine roars into life and the followed action of crushing a line of cars and a spin around the arena.
Recently added to the ride is the option to sit up front with the driver, called the adrenalin seat, you cannot get any closer to the action unless of course, you have your own monster truck !!!


If you fancy a ride and are over three feet tall you are in luck … because The Red Dragon is appearing at plenty of shows throughout the year across the UK. You can even hire it for a special party or event.




More information and their calendar of events, click here



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