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Green Lanes under threat again …

R O W 3                                 Rights of Way

Our UK passion for the outdoor adventure could be under threat . . .

The amendment to the Countryside and Rights of Way Law is causing controversy as the government body have entered an amendment paper that will enable a better and quicker recording of historic rights of way. The problem has arisen because other groups wish to add their wishes to the amendment paper whilst the law is open for adjustment.

Having received a substantial amount of letters and submissions to what the government deemed a minor adjustment they now need to be vigilant against opposing bodies privatising our countryside.

For us 4×4 Adventurers this could affect our green lane and off road routes currently defined under the law as Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATS). Opposition want to restrict our rights of way.

Currently The Countryside and Rights of Way Law states;

All public routes are part of the Queens highway and it is their responsibility for the up keep of such routes.

There are very few ‘dedicated routes’ where a land owner has formally given consent to a public route so the law assumes that if a route has been used without interference for 20 years then its deemed public.

The public have a right of access to mapped areas of mountain, moor, heath down and registered common land be it on or off track, ‘Once a highway always a highway’.

Glass (Green Lane Association) is an organisation keeping an active presence in this law amendment. Glass is a non profit association developed to campaign and protect the English heritage rights of way. Not only do they protect our rights legally they also help promote ‘legal and responsible driving as a way of enjoying the countryside’. See their web page to join our take part in the campaigns.

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