Goodyear has released two new concept tyres with evolutionary thinking.

Goodyear has announced they are working on two new generation tyres that have some astounding capabilities. The “Triple Tube” is able to respond to surface material conditions and adapt pressures best suited to that surface, a great benefit to off roaders if this comes into production.The second tyre, the BH03 is said to produce electricity from the heat generated from within the tyre itself.
Their Triple Tube tyre has three internal responsive tubes positioned under the tread, the inboard and the outboard shoulders all controlled by an automatic pump. These tubes respond to three different road conditions defined by Goodyear as;goodyear-concept
The Eco/Safety position-
This will inflate all three tubes to maximise tyre contact with the road minimising roll.
The Sporty position-
Reduces inflation on the inboard shoulder tube to provide ‘dry handling through an optimised contact patch’
The Wet Traction position-
The centre tube is inflated to the max to provide ‘high aquaplaning resistance through a raised tread in the centre of the tyre’.
A tyre that captures the heat and natural motion and generates electric through materials in the tyre. Further details have yet to be given on generating capacity and how the power will be transferred from the tyre to the vehicle for storage.

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