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Going Cheap … Military Humvee … 1 previous owner

The US government had their first auction last week selling off these monster 4×4’s to the public.hummer auction
The vehicles have all seen active service and will be stripped of all military hardware, armour and insignias, so no free toys unfortunately. All lots will have undergone a pre sale inspection test and any defects listed.
They are listed in the US as not for highway use, off road only, with very little creature comforts or should we say none except a seat.
The prices started from as little as $10,000 (£6,400) and were well below expected rates for a serious piece of machinery.
4,000 units are to be cleared with various body configurations over the next few months, but there are a few points to keep in mind, AM General the replacement parts supplier has stated they will not sell components to the general public as they are military spec vehicles. You could eventually just have a lump of metal that just looks good if you break something in the future.
If you still fancy one of these trucks you can check them out at

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