Go on a Suzuki Adventure … with the new Jimny


In a car world currently dominated by small crossovers, the Suzuki Jimny probably doesn’t cut it for the fashionable top ten in 2016.
However, for those buyers after an unpretentious and very capable 4×4, the Jimny appears to sit alone in the compact “real” 4×4 world as an off-roader that does what it says on the tin.
Now, to celebrate it’s 18th birthday, which is the same number of years after the Jimny was first introduced to the UK, there is a new Adventure Special Edition.
It’s limited to just 200 units and comes in a two-tone white and grey paint scheme. Described by Suzuki as “a quirky alternative to a super-mini or crossover SUV.” Not sure why the manufacturer has labeled it this way when it has already a proven track record as a very capable little 4×4.
The Adventure is based on the SZ4 Jimny and gains a full screen navigation, Bluetooth, roof bars and an ‘Adventure’ logo on the rigid spare wheel cover.
It’s powered by the same 1.3ltr engine as the standard Jimny, it may not sound like a lot as it isn’t turbocharged, but then remember that the little Suzuki weighsin at only 1,090kg.
The Adventure model will set you back around £14,949 and is on sale now.2017-Suzuki-Jimny
Finally, should you be looking for your own adventure, then you could do a lot worse than following Les Carvall’s lead back in 2014. He and three friends drove a pair of Jimnys 18,500 miles around the world. Both Jimnys returned with no reliability faults whatsoever, pretty strong proof for the reliability and capability of this little 4×4.


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