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Gigglepin Racing – The Graf Adventure – Portugal

After finishing our first stages at 5am and with only two hours sleep it was with some trepidation we drove a 30km liaison stage to arrive at the 16 day stages for day 2 of the Graf adventure Trophy.
These stages have everything!
Mud, crystal clear rivers, forests, huge hills, gravel banks, side sloops and speed. Add to this 30+ awesome cars and crews and you having mixing pot of fun. After winning last nights nightstage we were buzzing although waist deep water soon dampened our spirits as we charged into the river on our first stage. Then things improved and we were soon flowing round the stages setting fastest times but knowing that other quick teams could still undo our hard work. We finished at 7pm, serviced the truck had dinner and are now lining up for the next night stage.
Day 3 arrived with a 10km liaison stage to the base of a huge dam.
The river runs through the valley and the angry waters have left millions of massive boulders. It’s the perfect play ground!
6 stages of varying insanity await the 30 teams. It’s simple, post the fastest times you can.
It started well and were soon into an early rhythm. Then we arrive at our third stage and it goes to hell!
We start well but get caught in a rock as we enter the river. Alex dives out to help, slips on a rock and disappears in the crystal waters. Our radios are clearly not waterproof and we lose coms. This is not good… To add to this I am concerned a locker pipe has split and I manually switch off the cooling fans to listen for leaks. Minutes pass until we break free of the river but disaster strikes as the engine is now overheating as I forgot to turn the fans back in!! To make matters worse the engine throws a fault and locks the gearbox in third gear! We need some quick thinking and fast! Alex is awesome finding lines and soon we are out and trying to work out what the hell happened!
It was a lucky escape from a bad situation. The rest of sections went to plan although not as fast as we would hope.


Day 4, the 24th …
We got it !!!



Jim Marsden – Gigglepin, UK



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