Gibbs … unveils their new SxS amphibian


Gibbs are well known for their innovative designs for amphibian vehicles, and they have shown us again that they are market leaders in this field with their new Quadski. The Quadski is pretty much all in the name, a quad that turns into a jetski with the push of a button.


Going further, Gibbs have taken the single seater Quadski added the XL badge and given it a second motorcycle pillion seat. But that is not the end of the story, the latest incarnation is the Terraquad, a two seat side by side ATV that even has a rear loadbed.

The Terraquad was revealed to the world at the recent American Motorcycle Expo in the US where a lot of interest was shown to the vehicle that collides worlds. With the same 140-horsepower engine as the Quadski, it can achieve a top speed of 50 miles per hour on land, 40 mph on water, switching from one use to the other in 2.5 seconds. Weight naturally rises slightly to 1,518 pounds in comparison to the Quadski’s 1,333 pounds.



Gibbs also demonstrated two more concept motorbikes, the Biski and Triski, two wheeled and three wheeled motorcycles, respectively.






Check out the Terraquad in action below …


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