George Patton in China … not the General, a luxury 4×4.

On dis play at the Shanghai Motor Show this week was this monster 4×4, the G Patton. Named after the said General, this truck made by USSV (U.S. Speciality Vehicles) is not all it seems however. Far from the tough armoured riot vehicle that it portrays, the 4×4 is actually a luxury SUV and un-armoured, based on the Ford F 350- 450 truck platform and powered by the V10 6.8 Triton giving a 310bhp output. Although badged the G. Patton, rather confusingly the manufacturers call it the Rhino GX.
These vehicles retail in the US at around $574,000 USD or £381,500 if you are interested.
If the Patton is a little too large for you, USSV are also releasing a second model later in 2015 called the Rhino JX, which will still have the tough looks but the style of a 2 door Hummer sports coupé.
   For information on USSV, click here. patton-front





Images; carnewschina

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