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G.O Racing … the Santa Challenge

Unfortunately the Santa challenge didn’t go as planned!
We had changed the design on the rear arm converting them to radius arm, however the tube we use for the links wasn’t up to the job as we had snapped the arm within an hour of competing. We limped back to the pit and re welded the arms and tried to strengthen them with what we had on site. However this still wasn’t strong g.o-4x4enough and the arms let go again first punch in after the repairs I we had to retire from Saturday. We loaded up and headed for home when we decided to convert back to the old 3 link setup and get back racing Sunday.



Sunday we arrived on site knowing we had some work cut out to try and santa 3catch up. We flew round the sections and completed the 30 punch by 12 o’clock(first to complete, unable to have a second card we had done all we could do and just had to hope it was enough. Unfortunately it wasn’t but we had fun dressed like a pair of elf we had fun, which in told is the main thing. Big thanks to all that put the event on. And again a massive thank you to everyone that’s helped us out this year.

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