G Class … rolling on with more tweaks for 2018

2018 will see the revealing of the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class rumoured to go on sale in 2019 to celebrate the G-Wagons 40th Birthday. The prestigious Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a very capable 4×4 and can be easily identified even though it is rarely seen. This luxury mid sized off roader has been a favourite in the Mercedes stable for nearly 4 decades with very little change till now!2018-g-class-spyshots
Nick named the G-Wagon it has been popular with the military and civilian market alike. Even the Popemobile became a G-Wagon in 1980 with that glass pod on the back. Over the 36 years of production it has stayed true to it’s roots with solid front and rear axles and very little cosmetic change making it an iconic 4×4. Evidently in the mind of Mercedes it wasn’t broke and with that engineering wasn’t likely too, so it did not need fixing.
It’s come as quite a shock then to hear Mercedes-Benz promising a new improved G-Class is to hit the market in 2018/19.
Looking at the spy shots you might have to squint to see the changes. The new G-Wagon is rumoured to be 4 inches wider with a more streamlined look on top for its bodywork and underneath to meet today’s demands of aerodynamics. Other visual changes will be a near vertical windscreen and door glass plus a side-hinged tailgate. Suspension is being upgraded to improve handling and stability with hydraulic assisted steering. Weight will be overhauled too with high strength steel and aluminium making it lighter for a more eco-friendly G-Wagon. This weight lose of 440lbs will also make it more fuel-efficient on it’s European 6 cylinder diesel engine.
Inside is where the biggest visual impact will happen with a spacious comfortable modern feel plus all the high tech electrics like driver assist and infotainment to name a few.merc-g-2018
Welcome to the 21st Century G-Class.



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