G Class Mercedes … gets makeover for 2015/16.

Mercedes recently announced the 35 year old G Wagen will be getting a few tweaks to 2014_mercedes-benz_g-class-pic-6124433181415128735power and styling to take the model forward.
The Euro 6 engines will all be up to 16% more powerful but more frugal on the fuel demand. A new V12 (463kW) will also be within the range specified for the vehicles. The quickest G class will now hit 100kmh in 5.9 seconds.
Suspension has also been totally renewed to improve handling and ride comfort, these include adaptive shock absorbers.
ESP, the stability program has also been “refined”? Not sure why … ?
Outside the new models benefit from flared wheel arches and remodeled bumpers, inside there is a new 11.4cm display screed within the instrument cluster. The rest is down to you, with a larger range of personalisation and custom optional extras that now has been greatly increased.
This all fits to the previous statement from Mercedes that they intended to gain another decade from the iconic 4×4 with the increasing demand from the US market and emerging markets in Russia, China and now India.
Plenty more life in the old truck yet then …

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