Ford Troller T4

Ford has 4×4 Trolling secrets …

This is the new 2015 Troller … but it’s only going to Brazil, & not for us.
Trolling in this internet age, is the art of winding folks up on line, with these images, Ford may have achieved that by telling us it’s only for the South Americas.
It’s a great looking 4×4 and from all reports performs as good as it looks
Ford-Troller-T4This is the 2014 T4 Troller produced by TVE (Troller Veiculos Especials) in Brazil. Ford recently purchased the company, and the sports 4×4 will be available only to the Brazilian market.
The Troller comes packed with a 3.2L diesel engine, reported to be the same five-cylinder Troller T4found in the Transit van. The six-speed manual transmission should provide sufficient gearing to make the Troller a worthwhile off-roader, while still getting good mileage on-road.
The T4 name has been a 4×4 icon in Brazil since 1999. It immediately made an impression with enthusiasts for its off-road capability, based on a steel chassis, fiberglass body and low center of gravity, while the standard four-wheel-drive, five-speed Eaton manual transmission, Dana axles, and 3.2L TD engine gave the T4 Troller potent combination worth consideration.