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Floor Mats that work … by Weather Tech

Car floor mats have finally entered the 21st century with the new WeatherTech all weather floorliners, they come with a 3-year 4x4-boot-liner guarantee from defects and are digitally laser cut to provide a perfect fit.
An ideal addition to your 4×4, especially if you are a regular off road driver and tramping around in the mud with your footwear.
These ‘groovy’ mats are designed to trap your water, dirt even sand within their deep-channel pattern and re-direct the debris or water into a lower reservoir trapping it until you can empty out easily over the door sill.
Made in an odourless resin they won’t curl or break-up so can meet the demands of even the harshest of conditions, with a temperature resistance compound allowing the liners to stay flexible in cold weather and firm in hot conditions.
To make them extra desirable the mats have ridges built into the back for anti-slip and are coated with a protective non-stick coatingcup-mat-coaster to make cleaning a breeze. You can order the mats to fit most vehicles, right hand or left hand drive models, with the age of car, all available in 3 colours, Black, Tan or Grey. To compliment your vehicle mats, you can also purchase a set of 4 drinks mats/coasters that perform the same as the larger version.
Choose from a complete 4-piece set, just front or rear foot wells, boot mats or full sectional floor liners.
Although at time of publishing, we noted the UK retailers have a smaller choice of vehicle types available, however, the full range from the US is purchasable online, with delivery in 14 days.

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