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FLEXITANKS … to go the extra mile … or more

Every off road adventurer dreams of being able to travel wherever the beaten track takes them.  There are many things to consider but none more important than carrying enough fuel and water to last past the final day of the trip.

The safety of you, your passengers and your vehicle are paramount and vital to the success of any off road adventure. Often, plans and dreams are limited simply because you cannot carry enough fuel.

Enter 4×4 diesel flexitanks.


Designed by 4×4 owners for 4×4 owners, diesel Flexitanks are an extension of the hugely popular range of 4×4 water Flexitanks and come in four standard sizes, colour coded in blue & black for water & fuel respectively, allowing you to travel further, safely.

100% engineered, designed and manufactured in Australia using only the latest in Australian and European made urethane fabrics, 4×4 diesel Flexitanks are the perfect solution when you need to travel those extra miles, allowing you the freedom to explore everywhere you have ever wanted to go. Laser cut for precision, utilising the latest in hot air and RF welding techniques, 4×4 diesel Flexitanks will complete any adventure vehicle, allowing owners to carry between 35 & 100 litres of diesel fuel without taking up valuable space or requiring extensive and expensive vehicle modifications.

flexi FUEL tank 1The best of all, when you have finished using your 4×4 diesel Flexitank, simply roll the tank up, store it away, and get it back out when you next have high quality, well priced diesel at your disposal.  No longer will you be caught out by the non-existent fuel/service station in the desert or jungle!

From flexitank Aus.

For more info … http://www.flexitank.com.au/products/liquid-containment/