The first Range Rover 000001
Classic & Vintage Classic AWD In the Spotlight

First Range Rover … sold for £115,000 at auction

The range rover was sold last month at Silverstone Auctions and is still very drivable today.

With the original engine, gearbox, axles and chassis from 1969 with the chassis number 1, originality gets no better than this.

rr2 rr 1

Since 1991 it has sat on show in the Huddersfield Land Rover Centre. The vehicle was thought to have been lost after a number plate change and gold respray but the true identity was revealed when the centre bought the vehicle in 1991.

The centre then completed a full restoration including the green paint job. In 1997 the original registration number was re issued by DVLA to complete the package.

The Range Rover was thought to have been purchased by a private collector.


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