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Fiat Ducato 4×4 Expedition Van … concept

Fiat have jumped the gun before the whispers started prior to the Frankfurt show and unveiled their concept adventure truck calling it the 4×4 Expedition. Based on the Ducato van with a few add-ons such as arch protection, off road wheels & tyres, winch, recovery hooks, spot lights, roof rack and so on, it has the off road rugged looks,  with 2.3ltr TD Fiat engine fitted giving 150bhp, the motor should give good service when demanded.


With that permanent 4×4 system provided by Dangel, you will probably get to where ever you are heading and once there, you will have some home comforts to enjoy, like watching the flat screen TV from the air-condition luxury of your double bed.





With a basic sink, cooking area and bathroom, Fiat are aiming for the sporty adventuring folk who do like to stray off the beaten track, but retain a little comfort.
Don’t go trying to order one though, Fiat have confirmed they have no plans to produce this van, just simply let folks know they are looking in to the ”field” relating to this market for camping vehicles.
Keep a watch for it at Frankfurt.


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