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Fancy a drive in your 4×4 … to America ?

12,400 miles to be exact, from the UK to the US. Plans are afoot to build the Trans-Eurasian highway a monster project that could link mainland Europe to the Bering Strait, then on to Alaska, (remember the Long Way Round series).
The road would encompass half the circumference of the planet, currently the longest road is in Australia at 9,000 miles, Highway 1 circling the continent.
The Trans Siberian Highway is Russia’s longest road at some 6,800 miles.
Roads are in existence in some areas, but in the far eastern Russia they are of very poor quality if not just rutted tracks, the infamous Road of Bones (K504) is in this region built by Stalins political prisoners, who’s bones were used in the foundations if they died whilst in hard labour there.
The road is at present a challenge for 4×4 vehicles but achievable, so don’t wait for the black top to go down, get yourself on an adventure before it’s too late. At present it would be one of the last great 4×4 adventures with rivers to cross, rickety bridges, mud holes and expanses of nothing, so if you have the spirit try it, as it may be lost to progress in the near future.
Uncosted plans have been submitted to Valdamir Putin for the project by the head of the Russian Academy of Science with the intent of bringing trade, tourism and passing business to the vast region that it will span.
Before his last election, President Putin travelled some of these roads in a yellow Lada on an election campaign to bolster his image and promote the Russian motor industry, but after covering 2,000 miles his car failed and was photographed on a recovery truck. Not the best publicity shot.

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