Factory restored Land Rovers …

With only a few months passing since the last Defender rolled off the production line, Land Rover have confirmed they will be using the Solihull plant to restore cherished models of the iconic land-rover-seriesbrand.
The first batch to under go the rebuilds are 25 series 1 vehicles that have been cherry-picked to ensure they are as authentic as possible, they will be stripped down to bare metal for a nut and bolt rebuild. The lucky buyers get to choose from five period-correct colors and two wheelbases, and there is a chance to follow the restoration work being performed on each vintage 4×4 truck.



A “Reborn” Land Rover will not come cheap, but it will be perfect. Prices for completed cars are said to range from £60,000 to £80,000 with a factory backed warranty.
The thorough work has been estimated to take from six to nine months, and after the initial 25 car batch has been completed, the restoration service will be made available for customer vehicles in need of a makeover.





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