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Expedition Defender … within an hour

Do you keep looking at expedition trucks and thinking – one day …


The idea of just heading off for a weekend or longer, all compact and bijou, everything organised and in it’s place in defender-exped-lockersyour truck. Getting across the channel easily, the open roads, mountain tracks are there for exploring. It’s hard to see what there is not to get enthused about. But where to start, it can be costly if you get it wrong and in an idyllic world your truck still needs to be used in everyday life.
Well here is something you may be interested in; turning your 110 Defender into an internally fitted out expedition truck within an hour …
Austrian company Off-Road Hesch have the answer, with their easy fit ‘sideboards’ designed to slide over the rear wheel arches of a Defender 110 and fix securely with just a couple of screws. The variety of units are fabricated in sturdy, scratch resistant, multiplex board with lots of clever tricks to hold everything in place so no annoying rattles whilst catering for all needs.


The Family Big Case design has a slide out table that unfolds to double in size with adequate space for 2- 3 people. There are 3 lockable cabinets fitted across the top to keep items secure plus free from dust. Below are 3-5 secured but removable storage boxes in varying sizes to hold all your equipment making it easy to grab and move stuff like kitchen defender-family boxesgear to the bbq. The bottom cupboard allows for larger items to be carried all concealed behind a door. All this fitted into a L108 x H102.5 x D42 cm cabinet, just slide in screw down, then unscrew and slide out when you’re back off your adventure and the truck is back to normal use.



A ledge is fitted to the Family Big Case to marry up with the Wheel Case seating box that extends out from a storage bench to provide sleeping space for two. This is just one of over 30 different items that can be selected to fit-out your vehicle. You can buy units to suit your requirements or budget, then add more later or even build your own to extend what you have already purchased. With clean lines and a selection of colours that keep the interior bright and airy you can’t go wrong with one of these setups we’re sure.


Check out the links below for other items of storage & colour ranges at Hesch


family box defender family box 4 expedition boxes Defender-furniture











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