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EXO Wrap … Reinforced Heat Shielding for Pipes & Hoses

From Ohio in the US, Design Engineering Inc. or “DEI” is one of the foremost suppliers of thermal tuning products featuring products for racers, street performance enthusiasts, and hobbyists alike. In addition to supplying the performance aftermarket with thermal tuning products, Design Engineering serves the needs of the power sports, marine, industrial and commercial industry markets the world over.



We picked up on a new product recently from DEI that they were displaying at the Performance Racing Industry Show, the “Exo Wrap”, a high performance heat and abrasion protective wrapable shield. Designed originally for exhaust wrapping, it has proven to be excellent protection for those essential hoses and electrical harnesses from high temperatures and abrasion damage. Designed for the high performance and race industries, it is also totally at home protecting the components of your modified 4×4.
The Exo Wrap stands out above all other products due to its new and innovative design combining stainless steel mesh with 1,200 deg. Fiberglass heat shielding and an air gap design feature.
EXO Series wrap is designed for extreme environment use. Traditional exhaust type wraps have never been able to withstand the extreme abuse that off-road, desert and other forms of driving demand with exposure to water, dust and mud.
The EXO Series™ is a dual-layer design, using a combination of hi-temp glass fiber, covered with a 304 grade stainless steel exoskeleton. This unique construction maintains high heat protection while offering superior abrasion and impact protection. The unique Air Gap Technology keeps direct contact of the glass fiber wrap off the hot surface creating an insulating air barrier.


With their great products and customer service, DEI has now entered their second decade of business, and to keep pace with growth, a new larger facility was acquired offering another four acres for expected future expansion.
Immediately upon relocating, major renovation projects to both the exterior and interior began. Manufacturing and warehouse operations were expanded and a state-of-the-art Research and Development department was added as well as additional office space. The facility improvements have expanded manufacturing capabilities, warehouse space for increased off the shelf inventory, and their ability to react quickly to customer requests without delay.


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