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Error in Defender Seizures in the US

We previously reported on imported Land Rover Defenders being seized by officials in the USA. Over recent months the Defenders have finally been returned to their American owners after the US Homeland Security Department realised their error in reading the VIN plates pointed out by a helpful lawyer and Land Rover enthusiast Will Hedrick nick named crushing defendersDefender of Defenders.
The American government where using only the last six digits of the VIN numbers and were therefore determining them as incorrectly 21st century models and not the 1983/84  110 models as per corresponding paperwork.
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 Land Rover has been producing these popular Defenders since 1983 and like many other manufacturers recycled the last 6 digits but changed the prefix alphanumeric code. To date 16 have been returned.
The last figures released stated over 40 Defenders had been seized. It remains to be confirmed if any vehicles have been crushed in error and if compensation is to be awarded to owners if this is the case.