End of the G-Wagens … is nigh


After nearly four decades on the market, the Mercedes Benz G-Class is ready to slip into retirement. The first model to go is the top end AMG G65. The G-Wagen has only received minor updates over its life, doing just enough to keep things on the fresh side. Compared to modern SUVs and crossovers, the G-Wagen does not stand above the crowd apart from the price tag, although finding a crossover with three locking differentials and a twin-turbo V12 is slim. In order to celebrate the G-Class legacy and end of G65 production run, Mercedes-AMG has announced the G65 Final Edition.

Production is limited to just 65 units. The Final Edition will retain all of the things the G65 is famed for, with the twin-turbo V12 makes an mercedes-g-65-FEastounding 630 horsepower and a wheel shattering 738 pound feet of torque. But that engine is tasked with moving nearly three tonnes of steel and aluminium with the aerodynamic properties of a block of concrete. Even so, the G65 hits 60 mph in 5.3 seconds.
Most of the changes are visual. On the outside, the G65 Final Edition gets a number of bronze accents on the under side guard, bumpers, 21-inch wheels and mirrors. The black grille gets a bronze surround, while the running boards and exhaust tips are done in matte black. It looks nice and a little more conservative than the chrome on most G-Wagens.


merx-g-wagen-feInside, the black nappa leather has brown stitching highlights, with the carbon fibre trim getting bronze accents. There are a number of AMG and Final Edition badges scattered throughout. Only European pricing has been announced, at €310,233 or just short of £276,000, and you’ll have a bit of change. Not cheap, but no one buys a G-Wagen because it’s a bargain. Production of the current model is expected to continue in some form alongside a new, bigger version.


One day we may get a budget Mercedes off-roader, we can all dream a little!



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