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Emergency Tyre Valve … quick fix


Some of us have been in the situation where a tyre valve has been damaged or even sliced off, a situation  likely when out in the colby-valvebrown wet stuff on a regular basis.

Well, this happened to a chap out in the States called Neil, who, instead of cursing as most of us do, got to thinking how to quickly replace and improve this vulnerable bit of essential kit. Enter the Colby Valve, an emergency tyre valve system which can replace a damaged valve in less then 5 minutes with no tools required. The valve is a small mechanical device that replaces your current valve stem when leaking or damaged. Colby Valve’s patent pending design features a custom valve, machined from solid 360˚ bar stock.

The valve’s wedge design works with a highly durable synthetic rubber seal that expands inside the wheel creating an airtight seal making it a great addition to your off road kit. Not only can you get back to civilisation, you can keep going and enjoy your adventure or finish your work. The Colby Valve is 20X stronger than the common valve stem, so you’ll be good to go.



When your valve stem fails, simply pull it out or push it into the tyre cavity. Take the Colby Valve and insert it into the valve stem hole until the lip of the black seal sits flush. Maintain pressure while tightening until it stops, and you’re done. The Colby Valve creates a super strong, airtight seal that can then be inflated with any Schrader style pump, including CO2 inflators.



They Emergency Valves, stronger than a standard valve designed to make a repair in the field from the outside of the wheel in less then 5 minutes. The “winged spacer” design makes the installation as easy as twisting a wing nut, without the aid of tools. The emergency valves fit a .453 wheel aperture, standard on everything from bicycles to 4×4’s to trucks.

After being overwhelmed with requests for a permanent version they went back to the drawing board and added the brass spacer and hex nut to guarantee a permanent solution. It takes 5 minutes to install and requires a ½” socket wrench



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For more information, contact Colby Valve


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