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Electronic Tinted windows … from Honda

Now we can have adjustable tinted windows in our trucks with just a touch of a finger thanks to Honda who have registered a patent for the new technology in Japan and America.


Doesn’t seem like a life changing device but it will be great for keeping out that sun when on expedition, parked overnight when you’re all snug in slumber land or just improving privacy when parked with all the kit in the car. This means tinted film will become a thing of the past and better still we will be able to have a dark tint on the front windows because at night the windows can be converted back to clear. No more fabric shades stashed everywhere either, sounds like this is one invention worth queuing for, dependant on price of course.
Honda’s tinted windows will be equivalent to self-control transition lens using a type of intelligent surface on the glass. By swiping your finger across the window in a certain direction the tint can be adjusted to a personal preference. A bit like a dimmer switch in your lounge except now it’s in the glass on your car even the windscreen. Looking at the patent picture here we will be able to set a shaded strip across the top of the windows acting like a sun visor, one that can be lowered with the setting sun. Now what’s not to like about that?Honda- electric-Window-Shade



If you want to check out the technical info here’s  the link to the patent.



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