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Electric pick up truck …from Workhorse

A plug in electric Pick Up is being introduced in 2018 by a company called Workhorse who already provide reliable electric fleet vans for delivery companies like UPS.


Named the Workhorse W-15 the pick up shares the company’s E-Gen electric system, already utilised in their medium-duty delivery trucks. They use Panasonic’s 18650 lithium-ion batteries plus a petrol generator to recharge the batteries to guarantee power.


The chassis supports two high torque electric motors, one on each axle to give the vehicles four-wheel drive and enhanced towing ability. The W-15 will have a range of 80 miles of all electric power. Once the battery is exhausted, the on board generator will kick in to recharge the batteries whilst driving. With the electric motors working in unison with the generator, the truck will have a range of 310 miles.

Workhorse claims the W-15 Pick-Up will be one of the safest plug-in hybrid trucks ever built due to the extra large crumple zone incorporated in the front of the high strength stainless steel chassis. They have also included Lane Centering technology, Auto-Braking and 9inches of ground clearance for a low centre of gravity. Weighing in at a Gross 3,250kg it has a generous 1 tonne of cargo capacity all fitted on a 151inch wheelbase with a total length of 6.1 metres.

Lightweight composite panels make up the bodywork plus covering a generous cab to seat 5 people, 2 in the front and 3 behind. That large front 30inch crumple zone has been left empty and named a ‘Frunk’ (front trunk) to allow for extra storage plus access to high and low voltage outlets that feed directly from the Panasonic battery pack.


electric-workhorse w15

Workhorse will be releasing it’s W15 for commercial use in 2018 but as yet have not announced a date for consumers.




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